Jolene Kay

Thanks for visiting my website!  Since you took the time to click... please enjoy:

In addition to being an actor, I'm a rock climber, I played for the Horde, and am an enthusiast of odd animal facts.

I LOVE good chocolate and would drive or hike miles to get it.

My first acting job was hiring myself to put on a one-person play of The Lion King.  In my basement.  When I was eight.  I killed it.

I want to hug Sir David Attenborough.

I licked the walls of a salt mine in Poland.  Spoiler:  It was really salty.

It's dangerous to go alone, so director Daniel Scherl and I continue to quest together.  Spoiler:  He is not really salty.

I'm driven to find and create dimensional and intelligent roles for women in film and television.


Jolene Kay is known for her roles in the upcoming Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,  Scandal,  Rizzoli & Isles, Star Trek and video game giant Call of Duty as well as a slue of national and international commercials including Best Buy, Nissan, Dr. Scholl's, Coca-Cola, Under Armour, American Airlines, Naked Juice and many more.